Whispers from the Past

Whispers from the Past

A shard of mirror for a broken reflection
A pocket watch with a cracked face
A cache of herbs to burn for protection
All will send me to another time and place.

Phoebe Halliwell is having a very bad day: A demon has pulled her centuries into the past. She has no way to tell her sisters she's alive, no way to get back to her own time—and the demon is trying to kill her.

Back in the present, Prue & Piper are devastated at losing their sister. But that isn't their only problem. Something is wrong with them, too. Somehow, they're turning... evil.

But why? And how can they stop it—without the Power of Three?

Whispers from the Past is the fourth book of the Charmed novels.

The novel is set between "The Devil's Music" and "Awakened".

Title:Whispers from the Past
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    Whispers from the Past Reviews

  • Kathi

    „Stimmen der Vergangenheit“ ist der 4. Band der „Charmed“ Reihe. Bisher finde ich die Bücher zur TV-Serie eigentlich alle recht gut. Dieser Band ist auch wieder interessant und spannend, die ...

  • Rachel Gunter

    Whispers From The Past is the fourth Charmed book, and for me it wasn't as good as the previous three that I've read. I loved the storyline of travelling back to Salem in the 1600s and meeting the sis...

  • Noa

    The fourth book in the Charmed series of books based on the TV series of the same name. I enjoyed this book more than I originally through I would, I had a blast reading it, and there were plenty of b...

  • Megan

    I liked the time travel aspect of the story, but that was about it. The characters didn't feel genuine to the on-screen ones, I barely recognized them and that wasn't too enjoyable. The ending was so ...

  • Stephanie

    Well the only reason i read this book was because i used to be a charmed fanatic and i thought it would be cool to atucally read one of the books,and i was right i ended up liking the book just as muc...

  • Lauren

    This was a quick and fun read! I really like the plot of this story and definitely could’ve seen this as an actual episode of Charmed. It did have some similarities to actual episodes, but I always ...

  • Jessica

    "She was one of the Charmed Ones, and that was all that mattered." This book was total 'cheese'. But, I enjoyed it. I loved the show SO much & own all of the seasons on DVD. The show is 100% better! I...

  • Cori Dantio

    This would have been one of the episodes where I would say "Oh that was alright, what's happening next week?". I feel like this was a combination of the episodes where the Charmed ones go back to save...

  • Jay Wong

    There were some facts the writer happened to ignore, like the Salem witch trials took Place in 1690 until 1692, but the book mistook the timeline. Not sure if it was good to have Phoebe completely nak...

  • Jamie Scott

    currently at home in Scotland. found a crate of old books in the basement and to my surprise about 30 charmed books! on the first page I’ve written “Jamie Scott aged 10” wowza. bit of light fun,...