Back Kicks And Broken Promises

Back Kicks And Broken Promises


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Ricky Gilbert’s world has been turned upside down. The seventeen-year-old, Filipino, adopted son of American parents, Ricky tries to adjust to a new life after moving halfway around the world from Singapore to New Jersey. With the help of Max Parada, an American-born Filipino, and Amy Cho, his Korean-American classmate, Ricky begins to find his place and identity in his new home through tae kwon do training.

The training, however, is more than kicks and punches. Instead, it becomes Ricky’s guide to life as he progresses from one belt to another. Even so, just as he begins to adjust to his new environment, Ricky’s world takes another hit when he discovers a secret that forces him to question who he is and what family means to him. Coming to terms with this—and with the large sum of money suddenly in his possession—Ricky has to decide whether he’s going to stay with the family he’s known all his life or leave and become a family of one.

As he tries to sort out his life, traveling to the Philippines and back to Singapore, Ricky discovers things about his father that make the two of them more alike than he’d ever thought—or even hoped—possible.

Title:Back Kicks And Broken Promises
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  • Lauren

    "This was also the first book that I read where taekwondo plays an active role in the plot, in which, again, I find intriguing, due to practicing the martial art myself. While Ricky’s interest for t...

  • Juan

    7 March, 2013: Here's a 4 (out of 5) star review by Back Kicks has earned IR's "approved book" stamp. Here's the link to the review: February...

  • Audrey Enriquez

    Not the kind of book you can read in bed, promising yourself just one chapter - you'll get sucked in and the the next thing you know, it's daylight out! Bas creates a character so hate-able, you'll th...

  • Lu

    Great story do far! The main character, Ricky, is very likable and relatable. Excitement through and through! ...

  • Dee

    I won this book as a Goodreads First Read....

  • Juan

    I've read this book at least three times from cover-to-cover at least three times - once before I submitted it to agents, once after it was published and once, last month, to take notes for a screenpl...