Bonds Broken & Silent: The Complete Fate Fire Shifter Dragon Second Miniseries

Bonds Broken & Silent: The Complete Fate Fire Shifter Dragon Second Miniseries


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Klepto Shifters. Chaos Ghouls. And a young woman running for her life...

Daisy Reynolds might be taller and more athletic than the average seventeen-year-old, but she doesn’t make waves. Hiding from her klepto mom’s terrifying Shifter ex-boss makes an invisible life necessary. But when a Burner—a chaos ghoul—gets a whiff of Daisy, hiding turns into running for her life.

Daisy soon realizes the conflicts around her run deeper than nasty ghouls and mean Shifters looking to beat up her mom. Future-seeing Fates want a piece of her, too.
But some fates cannot be escaped unless you have courage… and an unlikely ally.


After Daisy Reynolds’s friend and protector vanishes into the desert, she realizes one option remains: Leave San Diego for Branson, Missouri, and ask for help at the bar favored by the dragons.

The Shifters at The Land of Milk and Honey hold the key to finding her missing father, but they also have the power to compel her to spill her secrets. When threatened with an enthralling, Daisy runs.

But bad people take advantage of the threatened and the vulnerable—and escaping a very bad person soon becomes Daisy’s only option for survival…


As a child, a horrendous accident stole Gavin Bower’s hearing. Now, he lives his life and works hard to make it into medical school. But the night the Burners come for his best friend, Gavin suddenly finds himself drowning in a new world of Fates, Shifters, and Burners—until Daisy Reynolds Pavlovich saves his life.

While Gavin’s best friend, Rysa Torres, fights for her life three states away, Gavin and Daisy fight their own battle. Together, they realize Gavin holds a gift that could save Daisy’s mother. And together, they work to take down the most powerful Shifter syndicate on the planet.

Title:Bonds Broken & Silent: The Complete Fate Fire Shifter Dragon Second Miniseries
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    Bonds Broken & Silent: The Complete Fate Fire Shifter Dragon Second Miniseries Reviews

  • Krystyna

    Retrospective view on how and why!Excellent retrospective book on how Daisy and Gavin met and their interaction with not only Rysa but also her father. This is so skillfully crafted that it melds with...

  • Tiffany Bolden-lewis

    A side story explaining some of the other characters. Daisy and Gavin (whom I have wanted to know about since book 1) finally have their own story. From Daisy's beginning to the future she hopes to sh...

  • Katie

    received this book for free/ARCam voluntarily reviewingamazing sub story within main storytruly enjoy the way peripheral characters are being brought into light and their stories revealedSuch a stunni...

  • Kristine

    BONDS:The Schwartz Synopsis:This short read introduces us to Daisy, a young shifter. The book starts off with her talking to Rysa’s best friend, Gavin. Their chat quickly turns into a story of Daisy...

  • Jonel

    Radcliffe paints her scenes in tones and hues. You feel like you’re looking at an oil painting. Everything pops with a vivid sense of reality that draws you to it. Her writing is simultaneously eloq...

  • Kami

    Bonds: The Silence Cycle Episode One (Fate ~ Fire ~ Shifter ~ Dragon, #4.1)Daisy is a bloodhound shifter telling a story about before she activated and her first encounter with Burners. This story is ...

  • Nicole

    This set includes 3 novellas that make up the fourth instalment of the Fate-Fire-Shifter-Dragon series by kris Austen Radcliffe. These centre around shifter Daisy Reynolds Pavlovovic and normal Gavin ...

  • Josette Reuel

    This box set is a great way to read and amazing series. One of my favorite authors and one of my favorite fantasy worlds to hide away in.Book 4 of the Fate - Fire - Shifter - Dragon series was initial...

  • Alex

    We finally have a little more of Gavin. We learn what happens to him after Rysa was kidnapped by Burners.This story is mostly about Daisy Reynolds though.She is a tough young shifter. she goes through...