Broken Glass + A Radio Romance
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Broken Glass + A Radio Romance


Broken Glass
Janey Daniels is at an all-time low when she receives a phone call from an old friend. Abbey Carson was a friend at University and with Janey in need of support, her call is most welcome.
The women agree to meet up for a weekend break and both are surprised by the changes in one another. The biggest surprise is the attraction between them which was not there before. As they reunite, sparks fly and the women connect in a way which stuns them. As the weekend draws to a close, can they find a way to continue their relationship? Find out in…Broken Glass.

A Radio Romance
When Dana Hunter steps into the work lift, she if horrified when it breaks down leaving her and another woman trapped and suspended. Liz Peters quickly calms her and distracts her with a conversation. Liz is tall, attractive and Dana finds herself instantly attracted to her. When Dana is panicking, Liz knows just how to calm her and does so with a passionate kiss.
The women quickly discover an attraction which leads to an intense romantic interlude before the lift is fixed.
The women agree to meet again when the radio show they work for travel to Lyme Regis for their big weekend of music and radio. As workers for the show, they find themselves busy in the day but free at night to share a hotel room and get to know each other a little better.
Will the women discover a relationship to build on or is this simply a summer fling? Find out in...A Radio Romance.

Title:Broken Glass + A Radio Romance
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